A dangerous coalition

Source: Dawn

THE obscenely opulent reception arranged in Donald Trump’s honour, with Arab autocrats lining up to pay homage to the American president, forgetting his inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric and his likening of the Saudi royal family to ‘slaveholders’ in the past, did not come as a surprise. Nor did the US leader’s softened tenor as he addressed the so-called Arab-Islamic-American Summit in Riyadh last week.

Indeed, there was no mention in Trump’s speech of ‘radical Islamic terrorism’, a term he often used during his election campaign. But what excited the Saudi and Gulf kings gathered at the forum was Trump’s tirade against Iran which he declared was the centre of terrorism and extremism. In the midst of their insecurity, these remarks struck a chord. In the new American president, the Arab despots found a trusted ally and protector that they had missed in his predecessor.

What was supposed to be an alliance against terrorism and extremism has virtually turned into an anti-Iran coalition further widening the regional geopolitical divide. By citing Tehran as the centre of gravity of terrorism, the American president has encouraged sectarian warfare among the Muslim-dominated countries thus diverting attention from the actual sources of extremism plaguing the region and beyond.


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  1. It is good to comment on scenario. But highlighting Pakistani role is possible only if country enjoys some standing either globally or at home. Beggars are never choosers. First put things right at home.
    Pakistani high ups send renowned ex chief to lead military alliance which is obviously against a specific ideological doctrine. How he himself agreed to such role God knows better.

    So called Islamic summit in KSA in fact a slap on the face of those who call themselves Muslim leaders. How US President behaved himself revived the memories of Pharaoh of the time. He will sell billions dollars arms to KSA and military alliance headed by ex Pakistani Chief will utilize this arsenal to kill other Muslims.
    With thousands killed by extremists n Pakistan, the country did not deserve any recognition in this so called Islamic summit either by KSA king or the US President. It speaks of some thing grossly wrong some where. The Pakistani living abroad when see such humiliation of this great country feel soaked in great sadness. Might be whole nation is at fault as the nation has elected its leadership which has miserably failed to restore the prestige and honor of Pakistan.

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