Ahmadiyya/Humanity First completes another Humanitarian Project in Croatia

By Zubair Khan

Ms Jelena Loncar, Director Caritas thanking Humanity First for the project.

Thursday 18.05.2017 was an important day for Ahmadiyya/Humanity First Croatia. Event was organized to hand over the heating system to an house in Samobor having handling capacity of about 385 women over a period of few years. Currently it houses women victims of societal violence. Humanity First Germany with kind courtesy of its chairman provided the money for the project.

Mr Sead Mulabegovic outlining the details of HFI and current project.

Mr Sead Mulabegovic who represents Humanity First Croatia along with his son Ali Mirza Mulabegovic and wife Nasiha Mulabegovic undertook the adventure to get heating system installed in the residence. All three voluntarily worked day and night to accomplish the assigned task with in shortest possible time.
Since the affairs of  women house in Samobor are administered by Caritas as such Director Caritas Ms Jelaena Loncar was extremely kind to organize the event in Caritas conference room located at Vlaska 36, Zagreb. Event was started with short video film encompassing Croatian Humanity First activities for last 3 years. Continued with it was professional video depicting installation of heating system in the residence. Mr Ali Mirza Mulabegovic made the installation video extremely professional.

Director of Caritas handing over Certificate of Appreciation to Mr Z. K. Khan

Mr Sead Mulabegovic introduced the Humanity First International along with its historyof coming in to being and current activities in different countries of the world. He also explained the details of current project. Director Caritas Ms Jelena Loncar in her appreciation address along with other details showed the pleasant surprise on the speed  with which the project got completed.
installed Heating Sytem                   Installed Heating System in Women Safe Home Samobor-Craoita
 Ms Danijela Petkovic who physically look after the affairs of this house in Samobor appreciated the kind and nice gesture of Humanity First. As per her expressions women were deprived of heating system in the residence for a very long time.  With the help of Humanity First this problem is now over.  She also outlined various programs which are made to rehabilitate the women residing in the residence. Normally women stay there from 6 months to one year. Smilingly she hoped the cooperation of HF will continue for future also.

Ms Danijela Petkovic who physically handle the residence appreciating the HFI donation.

Ms Estera Basic who represented another humanitarian organization  (Duga-Zagreb)helping the homeless children and elderly people also thanked Humanity First as this organization also partly shares the accommodation for the women victim of violence.

Ms Estera Basic representing Duga-Zagreb expressing her views.

National TV Jabuka was kind not only to cover the whole event but also recorded interviews of Mr Sead Mulabegovic of Humanity First and Ms Jelena  Loncar of Caritas.  Official reporter and photographer of Caritas covered the whole event and will be providing the details of event to the whole media.

National TV Jabuka Journalist Ms Tamara interviewing the Ms Loncar about the event

From Humanity First Mr Nadim Hadzi Bulic played the pivotal role not only to organize but also to film and to record the event.

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