UK: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Lithgow to host a Q&A on Islam on Friday

Source: | By Phoebe Moloney

Imam travelling to Lithgow answers questions on Islam

Lithgow resident Usman Mahmood has organised a question and answer evening with his imam on Friday, May 19, where any queries about Islam can be resolved.

Mr Mahmood said that after a short presentation, the audience can address questions they have about the religion to Imam Mohammed Atae Rabbi Hadi who will be travelling to Lithgow for the event.

“People can feel free to ask anything: Sharia, jihad, halal food, head scarves, anything,” Mr Mahmood said.

“We will not be offended.”

Imam Mohammed Atae Rabbi Hadi is the religious leader of a mosque in Marsden Park, which belongs to the ‘Ahmadiyya’ branch of Islam.

Mr Hadi, who describes himself as a religious pluralist, has taken part in many Q&A and interfaith events. He said people often question aspects of Islam they hear about on the news.

“The most common questions revolve around the confused messages people get from what they see on TV. I encourage people to… read more at source.

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