Ahmadiyya: This time in Rijeka

By: Zubair Khan

Mr Yasser Almasri, a Syrian Ahmadi reciting verses from Holy Quran.

Spreading the message of true Islam (Ahmadiyya) is the main seal of all the Ahmadiyya Missions spread round the globe. According to size and capacity each mission is contributing effectively to achieve this seal and aim. Croatia Mission also keeps on contributing in this regard. This time it was  Rijeka, the second largest port city of Croatia. Located in mountains and on beaches of Adriatic Sea it is extremely beautiful and attractive part of Croatia.

Mr Karlo Brunovic, Masters in Philosophy and religious studies delivering lecture.

With kind courtesy of Mr Karlo Brunovic, city council  provided its beautiful hall, equipped with all modern facilities to Ahmadiyya free of cost. Event was scheduled on 29.03.2017. Prior to it, placards and posters were displayed in numerous faculties and libraries of the city. Advertisement in city largest newspaper Novilist  was published. On the day of event the newspaper repeated beautifully written introduction about it. Event included recitation of few verses of Quran about women, its Croatian translation, playing of short video about belief of Ahmadiyya, efforts of its current supreme head to deliver peace message round the globe and the different projects undertaken by Humanity First in Croatia followed by lecture on topic Women in Islam, Removing the Veil of Prejudices. Mr Karlo Brunovic, holder of Master degrees in Philosophy and Religion delivered very effective lecture.

Few participants asking questions.

Hall was decorated with large portraits of Hazrat Masih Moud, a.s. and of all the 5 Khulafas of Ahmadiyyat. Total 35 participants attended the 2 hours long function. During question answer session very lively and interesting discussion took place for more than an hour. Few participants showed keen interest to have such lectures and events in other cities also.

Few participants of the event

After the lecture participants took various books and pamphlets about the beliefs and activities of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat. Readers are humbly requested to please pray for blessings of such events.

Participants taking Ahmadiyya literature.

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  1. Aslamo Alekum Warehmatullah. Hope xou fine. Nice work. God bless you and your work. Keep it up.
    Your brother in Islam.
    Nasir Rajput
    Member Local Parliament Stade.

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