Ahmadiyya Croatia displaying and distributing True Islamic Teachings Literature

By Zubair K Khan

Small Mission House Office of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Croatia with permanent show cases and display racks.

Prayers in religious fields some times facilitate happening of either unbelievable or impossible things. Few call it sort of miracles. However deepest sincere prayers and purity of intention remain the pivotal forces to cause such incidents. Similar scenario took shape in Croatia. Due to nasty and strange opinion of Islamic Center Zagreb, Ahmadiyya was declined to hold its information stall in Public. All legal efforts failed. Continuous prayer requests kept on flowing to spiritual head of the community. And then something strange happened. Ahmadiyya could get a small mission office, right on pedestrian passage where three main trams of Zagreb are halting on its door. It is equipped with show cases and brochure display facilities. On its right is famous St.Peter’s Church built in 1770 attracting hundreds of people round the clock. Now the show cases as well brochure racks facilitating display of available Ahmadiyya literature round the clock. Those interested chose according to their liking. Along with free samples few also pay the printing cost of books.

Holy Quran in different languages and Ahmadiyya Books in Croatian/Albanian Languages are on 24 hours display.

Because of continuous prayers by its spiritual leader, God Almighty blessed the Ahmadiyya Croatia with a much better alternative. Declined information stall if would had been permitted would had lasted for 15 days on quarterly basis with restriction of 6 hours per day. Its location would had also depended on the discretion of city authorities. But what Ahmadiyya was blessed,  is a fixed public place with 24 hours display facility. Such incidents really force us to bow our heads to the greatness, mercy and kindness of God Almighty.  Alhamdolillah.

Croatian Translation of 11 speeches on topic of peace related topics by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad aba, Supreme Head of Ahmadiyya Community along with few other booklets.

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