The hidden costs of Asia’s ‘walking dead’

Source: Asia Time

Anywhere you go in major cities in Japan, China or other Asian countries, you will see office workers slumbering in public areas – in metro trains, parks or even in restaurants. The cozy big armchairs at Starbucks are highly sought-after spots during lunch hour.

Studies shows that people in Asia suffer more from sleep deprivation than people in the West. About half of all full-time workers in Asian cities say they don’t get enough sleep, and that the problem is getting worse every year. In Japan the phenomena of over-tired office workers who hardly can keep their eyes open even has a special word: inemuri – “sleeping while present”.

But lack of sleep is doing more harm than just making people grumpy and unhealthy – it kills creativity and lowers work output.


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  1. What a life. You should read my post summarizing “Made in Japan” from an Anthropological and Psychoanalytical Perspective.” It makes sense of all of this madness.

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