India: UP assembly elections, Muslims to vote for a secular party

Lucknow, Jan 12: The Mulsim vote in Uttar Pradesh which is crucial to the prospects of any party are unlikely to vote for the Samajwadi Party — thanks to the never ending family feud. The Muslim vote which accounts to 20 per cent of the entire electorate is likely to go to the Bahujan Samaj Party, political observers say.

Muslims are complaining that they have been let down by the SP which had made several promises in 2012. Most of the promises are not fulfilled and the ongoing family feud is adding to the problem, the community has complained.
Abid Masood, a resident of Azamgarh tells OneIndia that the divide in the family has in fact helped the BJP. “We need to look for a secular party and the BSP is our only hope. Moreover the rift is beyond repair and this is going to hurt the party a lot,” he also said. Unfulfilled promises: Muslims have been accusing the SP of not fulfilling the poll promises made in 2012.

There are a host of other issues too which have upset the Muslims. Let us take a look at four of them: The SP had promised 18 per cent reservation to Muslims. However, this promise remains unfulfilled. Muslims say that they will teach the SP a lesson as they feel cheated and manipulated by the party and especially its supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav.

With most surveys suggesting that Mayawati’s BSP is expected to do well, Muslims feel that their vote should not be wasted on SP. The BSP has already declared its list in which 97 candidates are Muslims. The handling of the Muzzafarnagar riots by the SP government is another issue raised by the Muslims. The SP is likely to take a hit in Western UP over this issue.  Lastly, the rift in the SP has left Muslims wondering if they should vote for the party. The feud is beyond repair and this would hurt the SP where the Muslim votes are concerned.

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