New website plans to showcase leaked Mormon documents

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

By | The Salt Lake Tribune

Ryan McKnight hopes to become a Mormon version of Julian Assange, the Australian whistleblowing hacker who has published tens of thousands of secret government documents.

On Monday, McKnight, a former Latter-day Saint in Las Vegas, plans to launch Mormon WikiLeaks, an online website where anonymous tipsters — including those who work for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — can post purloined papers by and about the Utah-based faith’s programs, policies and policymakers.

He and his former Mormon team — including a website designer, two cybersecurity experts and a social media developer — have not decided whether the debut will include any new finds.”We received some documents and are still authenticating them and assessing their value,” McKnight said in an interview Saturday. “If that gets done by Monday, we may release them on the site.”

The LDS Church declined to comment, but critics of the new enterprise cited concerns about legal issues — church employees sign nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements — the ethics of violating an employer’s trust, and the one-sided view the leaks may provide.

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