America is the greatest Islamic Caliphate


Let’s pray to God to give us sense and help us understand that America and other western democracies are not our enemies.

Source: The Express Tribune

By Shah Faesal, who is a Kashmiri civil servant and writer. He tweets @ShahFaesal_IAS

Last Friday, Maulvi Sahab again said that God’s wrath is soon going to descend on the United States of America (USA) and the Muslim World will rise again. Although these are two entirely different things – fall of America and rise of Muslims more so the Asian Muslims – quite unrelated; nevertheless, he bundled them together as is the understanding in the entire Muslim world these days. So far so good.

For the last 30 years of my life in Kashmir, I have often heard this prediction being made by “God’s own middlemen” that this Islamophobic, zionist, kafir America will fall apart one day and recently after Donald Trump got elected as president, I saw America-haters full of hope again.

But 30 years down the line I have got an answer to why these predictions are not working at all and why they will never work in the future too.


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  1. From general public point view you are correct. US and even other developed countries took all good things from Islam and implemented it practically. Contrary to it Muslim countries only possessed all this in shelves and never implemented. However at political or military elite level, for strategic and selfish interests, US and other developed countries do not adhere to golden Islamic principles. And may be these criminal acts against innocent humanity can cause the wrath of God all such developed countries are punished by God Almighty.

  2. american leaders fight for their empire and cause many wars accross the world. They interfere in other nation’s politics and elections. Clearly not a caliphate in any means. The politicians are controlled by the bankers who deal in usury which ofcourse contardicts the caliphate way.

    Caliphate is based upon choosing a righteous, capable Muslim man as the leader who will follow the Quran and implement its laws as much as possible.

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