Corpus Christi, Texas, residents warned to avoid tap water

Source: BBC

Residents of a Texas city have been warned by officials not to drink or bathe in the tap water because of a chemical contamination.

Wednesday’s advisory applies to more than 300,000 people in Corpus Christi on the Gulf of Mexico coast.

Boiling, freezing, filtering, adding chlorine or other disinfectants, or letting the water stand will not make the water safe, officials say.

The contaminants have not yet been named, but are petroleum-based.

“Only bottled water should be used for all drinking, beverage and food preparation (including baby formula and juice), making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes or clothes, washing hands, and bathing until further notice,” said a press release from the city.

On Wednesday night long queues formed at grocery stores of shoppers stocking up on bottled water.

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