First Somali-American Lawmaker Threatened And Called ‘ISIS’ By Racist Cab Driver

Source: Huffington Post

Ilhan Omar told the Minnesota Star Tribune that she will continue to focus on the rest of her meetings this week despite the verbal attack she experienced.

Ilhan Omar became the nation’s first-ever Somali-American lawmaker in November, offering a ray of hope amid rampant anti-Muslim attacks across the country. But she became a victim of this violence herself on Wednesday, when a cab driver threatened to rip off her hijab and called her “ISIS.”

The Minnesota state representative-elect described what happened as she left a series of meetings at the White House as “the most hateful, derogatory, islamophobic, sexist taunts and threats I have ever experienced” on Facebook Wednesday afternoon.

Omar, who escaped the cab shaken but physically unscathed, told the Minnesota Star Tribune she plans to continue focusing on her scheduled conferences and meetings in Washington D.C., although she is still concerned about her safety.

“I plan to report once I am back home safe in Minneapolis,” Omar told the Star Tribune. “He knows the hotel I am staying at and [I] don’t feel safe enough to say anything at the moment.”

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