Book Review: Straight Talk – by Falah Shams

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The insights and lessons described in this highly informative book are breathtakingly simple but totally necessary for one’s spiritual well being and living by an example which is highly pleasing to God Almighty. “Straight Talk” has easy erudition written in easily understandable passages which provides a reader to absorb its poignant messages without having to read it several times. It is highly recommended for the entire family.

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Excellent and easy reading to understand the real true Islam. His personal stories and own experiences, which you would never correlate with Islam, intertwined with Islam and showed the reader how faith in God is in everything we do. Even by looking at yourself in your car mirror! Also not just loved how the book is not “textbook” like, but more relatable to anyone and used humor as well. Perfect book for older children and teens to read too. With all the issues today with the bigotry against Muslims, I encourage Muslims to read and share with neighbors, friends and co workers. Even enlightens and teaches Muslims themselves more about Islam. Great read!!!
By Dr. Goodness on November 21, 2016
This book is very easy to read with a powerful message. In this busy world where everyone is distracted from using their thoughts, someone has done that very beautifully in many concepts and shared very beautiful and powerful wisdom with us and our generations to come.

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