Angela Merkel, Seeking Re-Election, Calls For Burqa Ban

Source: Time

She’s facing a challenge from far-right populists in next year’s elections

Angela Merkel called for a ban on the burqa, a full-face veil worn mainly by Muslim women, in order to prevent “any parallel societies developing” as she made her pitch on Tuesday for a fourth term as German Chancellor.

“In communication between people, which is of course essential to our living together, we have to show our faces,” she told delegates at the annual Christian Democrats (CDU) party conference in the northwestern city of Essen. “So the full veil should be forbidden wherever legally possible.”

Merkel is seeking re-election in a vote scheduled for fall 2017, where her ruling coalition is expected to face a challenge by right-wing populists Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). The party has gone further in calling for limits on shows of Islamic faith, proposing a ban in May on all minarets as well as the burqa, because “Islam is not compatible with the constitution,” Reuters reports.

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