Thousands rally in Jakarta over governor’s alleged blasphemy


Police estimated as many as 200,000 people marched in Jakarta to protest against the local governor, November 4, 2016. The politics of Islamists show again for every one as to why we need Secularism in every country of the world

Source: CNN

By Euan McKirdy

(CNN) Thousands of protesters waving flags are marching through Jakarta demanding the ouster of the city’s governor, who has been accused of blasphemy against Muslims.

Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, commonly known as Ahok, is alleged to have insulted Islam by criticizing his opponents’ use of a Quranic verse in a stump speech.

Police estimated 200,000 people took to the streets, CNN Indonesia reported. Many shouted inflammatory slogans, such as “kill Ahok,” and “kill Ahok for insulting Islam.”

Others carried signs demanding the death penalty for the official, and many marched with masks covering their faces to obscure their identities.

As many as 18,000 police and military personnel have been deployed for Friday’s protest, and an inner ring of approximately 100 armed military guards are outside the Governor’s residence, CNN Indonesia says.


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  1. Is this mob politics honoring and respecting the holy Quran or giving others freedom of speech, prescribed by the scripture itself, would be a more genuine honoring of the Quran? What do you think?

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  2. Well, as pure co-incidence of course it is the previous President’s son who would like to be Governor of Jakarta. Religion is – again – misused for political gain. (And Allah will be our judge …)

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