2 deadly kilometers separate ISIS, Iraqi troops

Source: CNN

It is across the ghostly silence and dense dust of the berms between ISIS’ Mosul and advancing Iraqi special forces that the final chapter of ISIS’ extinction in Iraq will play out.Yet at dusk on Saturday, the 2 kilometers between the US-trained Golden Division and the medieval world of the so-called caliphate suddenly were aflame with the loathing and terror of the world’s war on ISIS.Tracer rounds flashed across the horizon; the sparks and thud of countless explosions rocked the tiny village of Bazwaya, split in two by the closing stages of this battle. Ferocious and constant, it came closer and closer to the Iraqi base where we filmed from a rooftop. By the end of the fearsome exchange — which fell silent after heavy artillery flew over our heads — a staggering 14 Iraqi soldiers were dead, some of the worst losses sustained by the unit.


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