Muslim Girl Married With Ahmadiyya Boy

Interesting Video?

Link to watch in the orginal website

Zia H Shah MD’s comment: What if I say this supposed scholar is committing fornication by his mouth or at least by such divisive speech his Nikah is cancelled in the eyes of his angels and now he is living in sin and fornicating with his ex. wife. Isn’t he, until he takes his speech back and let others live in peace?

On a more serious note, he is dividing the Muslims and taking away the religious freedom of others and making up his own facts as he goes along. How does he know which one is the bigger sin compared to the others, there is no such categorization in the Holy Quran, as he just made up in his one minute rant?

This video shows that marriage should be a civic matter and there should be only civil marriage. Nikah or religious ceremony should be a family affair and should not create any jurisdiction for the so called religious authorities or Mullahs.

Remember a time when the Pope would not allow King Henry the VIII to annul his marriage. Now, no Western Christian gives any authority to the priests over their marriages. They have learnt it the hard way and the Muslims can simply learn from them and throw away this unnecessary yoke. Allah will hold only the Mullahs guilty, while rest live in peace.

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