Smoke until you die …

In an Egyptian tea shop an American, a French Man and an Egyptian were drinking tea together and were smoking their own brand of cigarettes.

On the boxes these days there are warnings that ‘smoking kills’. Therefore the three guys were wondering how much they need to smoke until they die. They decided to all go to their respective rooms and try it out. The decision was that they will stay in their rooms until they broke the record or died.


The American went to his room with 5 boxes of cigarettes, then asked for 5 more, then for 5 more again – and after that he was found dead.

The French went into his room with ten boxes, then asked for another ten – and after that was found dead.

The Egyptian went in with ten boxes, than asked for another ten, again and again! He asked for so many boxes that, of course, he broke the record.

The friends from the tea shop decided to enter the room to congratulate their friend. They found him sitting on the boxes.

The Egyptian man was annoyed and angry and said:   You sent me boxes after boxes but you never sent me any matches! 




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