USA: Islam Ahmadiyya’s Imam Nasir at Pastor Corey’s Interfaith Meet

“Peace can not be achieved without justice, respect and tolerance.” – Imam Syed Shamshad Nasir.

Report by: Riyaz Ahmad, Chicago.


Pastor Corey Brost invited a meeting of the different faith leaders and youths to built a bridge between faiths and communities in the area. The meeting took place wednesday 19th October at 1212 E. Euclid Ave, Arlington Heights. ILL.

Meeting officially started with prayers and introduction of the members present of all the three Abrahamic faiths.

Father Corey, organizer of the meeting then went to read the Agenda of the meeting, the purpose of which was to out reach other communities and know the different events taking place in the town and neighborhood. One of the goal of this group will be to visit Synagogues, Churches, Mosques and Gurdwaras to become familiar with the teachings and worship of other Faiths.


Glen Ellyn’s Imam shamshad of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was also invited for the meeting. In his speech, he briefly introduced the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and its activities in the area and worldwide.

Imam said Islam is the religion of Peace and tolerance and one which teaches respect for all without any discrimination.

Imam Shamshad also gave some examples how Islam is misunderstood in the west, and how unfortunately few so called Muslims are hijacking Islam.


Imam further went on to explain how their community’s worldwide spiritual Leader His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad is tyring to remove misunderstanding about Islam through his speeches in different Countries of the world and meeting the Heads of States reminding them their duties about Peace.


Imam also gave the book about Peace which is the collections of His Holiness speeches about teachings of Islam. The Imam was accompanied with Mr Riyaz Ahmad of Chicago.

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