Consciousness of Allah is an essential part of Islamic teachings.

Source: ET

Consciousness of Allah and feeling His presence is an essential part of Islamic teachings. It requires believers to be ever-conscious of Allah’s presence in every breath of life. His presence is ubiquitous and this has been amply mentioned in the Holy Quran. This kind of feeling makes one fearless, steadfast and strong in one’s righteous mission. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was much concerned before going into the battle of Badar to defend Madina. Allah gave His assurance that He was with him (8:12).

Chapter 20 of the Quran mentions that when Moses and his brother were deputed with certain guidelines to the pharaoh, they were afraid, but Allah reassured them by telling them He was with them (20:46). This lessened their fear in conducting their mission. Therefore, those who undertake risky business to serve humanity with uncertain results need to be assured of Allah’s support.

Among the beautiful names of Allah is Ar-Raqeeb, which means the Watchful One; He watches our activities and not a tiny act escapes his sight. At one place Allah says “…And He is with you wheresoever you may be. And Allah sees well all that ye do” (57:04).


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