Health Care for Kids of Undocumented workers: FIJI SUN USA TV



Kids of undocumented workers have a chance for healthcare in Medical program. Health care reform

(A New American Media press conference)


 PALO ALTO – At a New Media Press conference here members of the press clubs were told how healthcare

providers were reaching out to undocumented workers in California to help obtain health care coverage for their kids.

Doctors take questions from the press at the NMA fellowship seminar at Palo Alto

Ravenswood Family Health Center.

Check the FIJISUN USA TV video on You Tube here:

nam-team (Above the editor with the New America Media team at San Francisco Bay Area) 

One of the most challenging problems for millions of kids of undocumented workers here in USA is getting

medical assistance that they can afford. The millions of undocumented workers in USA as illegal as they are

on one hand provide a huge labor supply and one the other run the risk of not having all the benefits

including healthcare both for themselves and their kids.


Kids are the most sensitive issue in any society and it is heartening to know that US government is making

provisions in the law to accommodate the healthcare needs of kids of undocumented families.

Fijisun USA joins the various healthcare providers and New America Media in the campaign to educate

public FIJISUN USA is in process of submitting a comprehensive

Like many undocumented workers several thousand citizens of South Pacific origin including Tonga, Samoa and Fiji Islands who most live in the great Bay Area are facing the same issues and problems of getting health care for their kids and many times have to go without any medical attention for want of knowledge and access to medical benefits.

The seminar gave hopeful information and seem to be offering help to many need ones.

However, one such seminar is not enough. We think media cane play a significant role in educating the public and by giving publicity to assistance available.

Several leading doctors are already playing a significant role and helping the kids of undocumented workers.

170,000 California Children eligible

The New American Media flyer highlight the fact that over 170, 000 children in California are eligible for health care programs. Not all undocumented are aware of the process and how to get access to the health care benefits.

The best way is to get in touch with your local health centers and centers to get more information

Fijisun committed to this noble cause

As a community based ethnic media serving the people of the South Pacific such as Fiji, Toga, Samoa as well Indian and Pakistani communities, FIJI SUN USA and its partner SIJISUN USA TV are committed to promoting the importance of Health Care for Kids of Undocumented workers.

In addition to press coverage, the Fiji Sun USA team also raises the concerns at interfaith forums and Union meetings to foster the importance of health care for children and to bring about the necessary reforms in our health care systems to address the needs of the kids of undocumented workers.

Check the FIJI SUN USA TV video on You Tube here:


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