When custodians of law turn into an unruly mob (Only for Ahmadiyya)

Source: ET

This episode might have a far-reaching impact, at least on Pemra, which would not dare to take initiative for the rights of Ahmadis. PHOTO: TWITTER

One such event was witnessed in the city a few days back. A group of lawyers, under the leadership of Lahore High Court Bar Association President Rana Zia Abdur Rehman and LHCBA Secretary Anas Ghazi, and enraged clerics from different seminaries barged in the office of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Lahore, where its Council of Complaints was holding a meeting on the complaint of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya, who had accused two TV channels of airing programmes aimed at spreading hatred regarding them.

The lawyers would have not done so had the former judge of LHC, and father of LHCBA secretary, Nazir Ghazi, not been among those against whom Pemra had initiated proceedings. Nazir was the host of the show, aired on September 7, in which the members of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya said remarks were made against them. The enraged lawyers and clerics also hindered the Council of Complaints to an extent that it could not continue the proceedings.


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  1. During the last week, Punjab Bar Council, the provincial regulatory body for lawyers, took an entry test of fresh law graduates for licences for legal practice. However, the aspirant lawyers were facilitated during the exam. They were given books to copy from. Such practices have allowed corrupt elements to infiltrate the system under which even litigants are suffering at the hands of lawyers.
    When above is state of affairs what else can be expected from custodians of Law in Pakistan. OK setting aside judiciary is there any Pakistani department or field which has not been infiltrated by corrupt elements?
    As for Ahmadiyya is concerned, the community and its supreme head respected globally except Pakistan. Just today on arrival, its supreme head is welcomed by Canadian Federal Minister and will also be meeting with PM of the country. Though faced with injustices at home, Ahmadies enjoy justice and respect all over. Further when such acts by lawyers are circulated via international media, it deepens damages to internationally down graded position of Pakistan. Can Custodian of Law feel their immense responsibility to ensure absolute justice for all the citizens of Pakistan? While that is the only way to restore globally the respect of Pakistan.

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