ISIL: why Indian fighters are cleaning toilets? and why are they referred to as Hindi Miskeens?

Source: One India

By: Vicky Nanjappa Published: Thursday, September 15, 2016, 11:51 [IST]

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We have heard of the stories of how Indian Muslims joining the ISIS in the so-called Caliphate have ended up cleaning toilets. To add to their misery, they are tricked into becoming suicide bombers as Indian Muslims are considered not good enough to fight. Amidst so much insult here is another terminology that the ISIS has for the their recruits from India- Hindi Miskeen.

The term Miskeen is something that the Saudis use for Muslims from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines and Indonesia. This has been picked up by the ISIS who refer to Indians in their camps as the Hindi Miskeens.

The word Miskeen found in the Quran means someone who is completely down and out. In Hebrew, the word means poor. It is derived out of the Arabic word skn which means one who has lost all movement. In Urdu the word saakin means static, the one who cannot move. A false dream The story of Areeb Majeed, the youth from Kalyan who joined the ISIS only to return in panic after he was told to clean toilets and was ill-treated could be a case study why the Indian Muslims should avoid the ISIS. Going through various investigation reports and intelligence bureau files both from India and abroad, it is clear that the ISIS does not have even an iota of respect for the Indian Muslim.

All Indians who reach the so-called Caliphate in Syria or Iraq are greeted with, “welcome Hindi Miskeen,” before they are taken away to the Hind camps (A camp for Indians). For the ISIS, the Arab and the fighters from the West are superior and they are the ones who are given battle duty or even can be part of the ISIS police force. The Europeans are referred to as rafiq which means friends. The Arabs are referred to as Ummah, which broadly means all Muslims are one nation. Most Indian Muslims have landed up with the ISIS while chasing a false dream. They are made to believe that they are entering the Caliphate and will become true Muslims if they join the ISIS. However on reaching there, they realise that the story is something else. At first Indian Muslims are given menial jobs to perform.

These would include cleaning, cooking and in the case of women, prostitution. While allowing these people to pose with guns and upload photographs on the internet so that it generates an interest for possible recruits, the ISIS does make it clear that they will not be allowed on the battle field. No training is even imparted to them However, in the case of the six Indian recruits who have died, it has been found that all of them were cheated. They were asked to step into an explosives laden vehicle and told to deliver it at a particular point. They were further told to park the vehicle in a crowded area where a contact would pick up the explosives. On reaching the destination, they would call the contact and the vehicle would explode as the bombs are triggered off through the cell phone. OneIndia News

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