They have no right to tell women what to wear on the streets or at the beach

Source: Times of Israel

By Melanie Lindman

Young Palestinian women from the West Bank town of Bethlehem play on the beach in Tel Aviv on March 23, 2014. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

Burkinis may be a contentious issue on French beaches following an attempt in 30 coastal towns to ban the full-cover “Islamic” bathing suit last week, but modest bathing suits for both Jewish and Arab women barely make a splash at Israel’s beaches and pools.

“Clearly they have no right to ban the burkini, they have no right to tell women what to wear on the streets or at the beach,” said Marci Rapp, a Jewish woman in Jerusalem who founded a swimwear company called MarSea Modest. “Modesty should never be restricted, it’s a woman’s choice.”“I often get customers saying, ‘I’m not that religious,’ but they want to buy modest swimwear,” Rapp added. “I say, I don’t judge, women can cover up whatever they want.”


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      • Those who did. Mayors of the towns. The higher authority had no right to doubt the integrity of the Mayors. (As to Jewish and Arab women, the Jewish women are fully aware of the ignorance of the Arab women in relation to the scriptures. The Jewish women know that the Jewish scriptures supersedes the Qur’an, it (the Qur’an), being merely a copy of the Jewish scriptures. I have been saying this for thirty something years, the gentiles (all non-jews), are living in ignorance of the Qur’an and the christians Bible are in fact extensions of Judaism scriptures. The people are forced, from birth, to live a restricted, narrow-minded way of life. (I found out the truth from having read the bible, it is completely the reverse to what the christians think it is). The jews rate themselves different from the Gentiles, their own words.

  1. Religion guides human being to live a disciplined life , not restricted life . Religion establishes the integrity and honour of human being . It motivates to live a purpose full life . I don’t find any restriction. If religion strictly reject the killing of innocents , I don’t think it is restriction . If religion directs to respect others sentiments and honour others faith , is it restriction ?

    • To : Syed Aftab Alam: Religion DOES restrict life, channelled, forced to comply. Syed, look and then check, it was not followers of the Qur’an who ‘killed’ JC, and he was NOT the son of Allah. Syed, I see you as a mealy mouth pays lip service to the jews as is the purpose of the Qur’an and the Bible to do. Religion strips people of honour (Kings subjected to the whim of the jews through the Qur’an and Bible). Religion motivates to live a psychological prisoner and achieve nothing but death, nothing beyond the grave, ‘life after’ was instigated to the gentiles by the crucifixion of JC (by the Roman Army at the demand of the Jews). I did advise you to compare the Bible to the Qur’an. The Bible contains the jews history, by refusing to compare you prove that religion IS restrictive.

  2. My suggestion;
    A good and honest Muslim should criticize the authority of Saudi Arabia first before criticize Europe countries. Saudi Arabia impose non Muslim women to cover their head. and Saudi Arabia do not allow Christian to have a church. Whereas Islam is religion of justice for all people, for all religions.

  3. To, Winstonfrawl . pl. go through the biography of Prophets ; all doubts will be cleared . Religion has two objectives ; to make people God – loving and secondly , to unite peopl irrespective of their cast , creed , Nationality , sex etc. It does not force any one . When it says that don’t tell lie , is it wrong ? When a mother stops her child from going near fire , can the mother be criticised ? When a father teaches or a teacher teaches Newton s laws , should we condemn the father or teacher ? If any one who commits wrong , it is his wrong , not of his religion . Sir , what some people are doing ( killing of innocents or forcing others to follow etc.) or have done in the past ; they are / were not religious people . Religion creates such a environment where every individual has opportunity to grow physically , mentally , economically , spiritually . Religion expects from its follower that he / she will be ambassador of peace , he will respect others sentiments and faith , etc.

    • @ Syed Aftab Al
      It seems to me that you do not tell the truth of Islamic teaching, you try hiding somethings
      whereas imam Muslim-Bukhari have ordered in their book, to kill blasphemer, apostate gay-lesbian and those who does not share their belief,kill them , and those who do suicide with bomb to kill others will enter paradise..Do you think those who follow order from Imam Muslim and Bukhari do not Islam?

      You wrote;
      Religion creates such a environment where every individual has opportunity to grow physically , mentally , economically , spiritually . Religion expects from its follower that he / she will be ambassador of peace , he will respect others sentiments and faith , etc.==

      You tell something and you hide something else.
      Syed Afab al, we have to admit that our Islamic laws has been contaminated with Arab’s old tradition/culture. That why we see today that Islam is not bring peace, mercy and blessing to contrast bring conflict, violence and disaster as we see in Syria, Iraqm Yemen, Afghanistan,Pakistan etc.


  4. “to unite people”. Read what i have said: the Qur’an and Bible constantly at variance, are extensions of Judaism, The followers of the Qur’an shoving themselves onto others, repeating what the christians have already done (repeated what the jews were doing until Caesar was ‘overcome’ by Christianity – in the name of JC), GO AND DO ‘ go through’ what I have said, you will find it in the Qur’an and Bible, shirking away is playing into the hands of the jews.

  5. @ Ali Hidayah . sir , as I have written earlier , there are ideology . First which is based on the holy Quran , biography of huzoor SAW and those hadith we don’t go against the teachings of holy Quran . What I am writing , is based on this ideology . As far as question of second ideology which is followed by majority of Muslims and what you have mentioned , has no solid ground . I believe that it is second ideology which is only reason behind increasing hatred against Muslims and Islamophobia . The Muslim Times is trying its best to people aware of first ideology. If Muslims strongly reject the second ideology , we will have much awaited peace .

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