Ban the Burqa, Not the Burkini

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By Daniel Pipes, who has taught at the University of Chicago, Harvard University, the U.S. Naval War College, and Pepperdine University. Pipes is the author of 12 books on the Middle East, Islam, and other political topics

France has been seized by a silly hysteria over the burkini, prompting me to wonder when Europeans will get serious about their Islamist challenge.

For starters, what is a burkini? The word (sometimes spelled burqini) combines the names of two opposite articles of female clothing: the burqa (an Islamic tent-like, full-body covering) and the bikini. Also known as a halal swimsuit, it modestly covers all but the face, hands and feet, consisting of a top and a bottom. It resembles a wetsuit with a head covering.

Aheda Zanetti of Ahiida Pty Ltd in Australia claims to have coined the portmanteau in 2003, calling it “smaller than a burka” while “two piece like a bikini.” The curious and sensational cross of two radically dissimilar articles of clothing along with the need it fit for active, pious Muslim women, the burkini (as Ahiida notes) was “the subject of an immediate rush of interest and demand.”

Additionally, some women (like British cooking celebrity Nigella Lawson) wear it to avoid a tan, while pious Jews have adopted a variant garment.

In 2009, a public swimming pool in Emerainville, France, excluded a burkini-wearing woman, on the grounds that she violated pool rules by wearing street clothes. But burkinis only erupted into a national political issue on Aug. 12 when the mayor of Cannes, a resort town on the French Riviera, banned burkinis (without legally defining what exactly they are) on Cannes beaches because it represents Islamism.

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    For me, it does not make sense at all, if women’s hair, head, hands and feet cannot be seen by others. Islam is logical, There is no one word in Al Quran explicitly Allah forbid women to show her hair, hands and feet by others.

    Islam does not make difficulty in people life. Only Islamic scholars make people’s life become difficult. These Arab clerics who live in desert deceive people around the world, include the intellectual Muslim Ahmadiyyah too,nauzubillah.

    Quran 33;59. Quran 24;31 are not obligation commandment. but a suggestion for women who live in desert to prevent heat sand do not harm her hair, hands and is logical reason.


    • Come on: it is simple: Go and ask the Burkini ladies what they want to wear or not wear.

  2. Liberal Muslim around the world urge women NOT to wear Hijab or dont cover your hair, hands and feet in public place. Because most non Muslim are afraid of the hijabi terrorist and the bearded terrorist. That is the main reason why non Muslim reject Burkani, burqa or hijab. Please understand it

    Only the bigoted Clerics still urge women to wear burqa, Hijab, and Burkini in public place,They are lack of knowledge.

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