Germany’s potential Burqa Ban: Ahmadi Muslim Journalist reacts

Source: Rabwah Times

The controversy over the Burkini Ban that has gripped France for the past few months now appears to be spilling over to Germany. The ‘Burkini” a full-body swimsuit designed for Muslim women was originally banned by the French town of Cannes during the annual film festival. Cannes Mayor said the Burkini represents the forces France is fighting, and that it may create some unruly incidents on the town’s beaches.

So far three Mediterranean towns – Cannes, Villeneuve-Loubet and Sisco on the island of Corsica – have banned the burkini, and Le Touquet on the Atlantic coast is planning to do the same. France has already banned the Full Burqa or the Islamic veil.

Similar plans are being discussed by other EU countries and the influx of Muslim refugees in Germany has lead to a similar debate in Germany where Thomas de Maiziere, Germany’s Interior Minister has called for a partial burqa ban.

“It doesn’t fit in with our open society. Showing the face is a constituent element for our communication, the way we live, our social cohesion. That is why we call on everyone to show their face.” says the Interior Minister.

Germany far right AFD party has not only called for a full ban on the Burqa but also on Adhan, which is the Islamic call to prayer.


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  1. One point which she made crystal clear is more important. Those who must wear burqa (out of any compulsion or wish) or buriqini, in the presence of such bans, will be forced to stay at homes thus creating more hurdles for societal integration.

  2. To: POTUS: Having seen a photo of a person wearing a buriqini – disgusting. – It doesn’t fit in with our open society. It is not us who are anti. This situation stinks of Anti-Semitism, the wrongdoers doing the complaining, (and there is a strong connection too, through the Qur’an).

  3. The Holy Qur’an requires that Muslim women dress modestly, cover their heads and wear an outer garment to conceal their beauty from strangers. However, you must understand that this physical covering is the only first step to developing hijab. The true and full observance of hijab/purdah is achieved when “veiling” extends to a man or woman’s mind and heart. This means that one should veil or shield his/her mind and heart from impure and immoral thoughts when in contact with the opposite sex. One’s thoughts, words and actions should reflect a sisterly love and respect towards fellow beings. This behavior leads to one’s own moral upliftment, and also creates an atmosphere where men and women, instead of resenting and degrading each other, treat each other with respect and understanding.
    More @

  4. Teaching of Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.)
    Today the veil is under attack, but the critics do not know that the Islamic veil does not mean imprisonment; rather it is a barrier which seeks to restrict the free mixing of men and women. The veil will protect them from stumbling.

    Wisdom behind the System of Veil

    A fair-minded person will appreciate that the free mixing of men and women and their going about together would expose them to the risk of succumbing to the flare of their emotions. It has been observed that some people see no harm in a man and woman being alone together behind
    closed doors. This is considered civilized behaviour. To avoid such untoward situations from arising, the LawGiver of Islam has forbidden all such acts as might prove to be a temptation for anyone. In a situation of this kind where a man and a woman, whom the law does not allow to meet thus, happen to meet privately, Satan becomes the third member of this party. Imagine the harm that is being done in Europe in consequence of such reckless freedom. In certain parts of Europe a life of shameless promiscuity is being led which is the end product of such thinking. If you want to save a trust, you have to stand guard over it. But if you are not watchful, then remember that despite the people being ostensibly nice, the trust will definitely be violated.

    Islamic teaching in this behalf safeguards social life against unlawful indulgence by keeping men and women apart. Free mixing leads to the kind of destruction of family life and frequent suicides that have become common in Europe. That some women, who otherwise belong to noble families adopt the ways of prostitutes, is the direct result of the prevailing freedom. [Malfuzat, vol. 5, p. 33]

    The Islamic system of the veil does not at all require women to be shut up as in a prison. What the Holy Qur’an directs is that women should avoid displaying their beauty and should not look at strange men. Those
    women who have to go out in order to fulfil their responsibilities may do so, but they must guard their glances. [Malfuzat, vol. 1, p. 430]

    Full view on issue:
    From page 327 onward @

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