Take second look at winner-takes-all practice – Maulvi Salih


Source: Ghana Web

The Ameer and Missionary-in-Charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has observed that since the authority to govern flows from the collective will of the people, those exercising such authority must be inclusively represented.

He, therefore, called for a second look to be taken at the winner-takes-all system of democratic governance, describing it as religiously unacceptable.

Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih was speaking at the 33rd Annual National Rally of the Majlis Ansarullah of the community at Wa. The theme was: “Creating a peaceful environment for credible election: The role of elders of the community.”

The Ameer called for a second look to be taken at the winner-takes-all system to ensure that sovereignty trickle down to all without the exclusion of others from the country’s governance.

According to Maulvi Bin Salih, elections are an expression of the people’s choice for leadership as well as a trust to be discharged on their behalf.

“Thus, it is not a process of warfare, not a process of acrimony and not a process for immoral behaviour, but a process that leads to peace and development,” he observed.

The Ameer asked members of the Majlis Ansarullah to accept the challenge of ensuring the stability of Ghana was equally their responsibility for which they should influence Ghanaians to play by the rules to guarantee a peaceful electoral outcome.

In a fraternal address, the Catholic Bishop of Wa, Most Rev. Richard Kuula Baawobr, urged the Ansarullah to resist political, religious and ethnocentric forces that have the tendency to divide the country and sow seeds of hatred in the hearts of Ghanaians.

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