UK: “Women have a role to play in Islam”, says Islam Ahmadiyya’s Caliph


Women have a role to play in Islam – Ahmadiyya Leader

The spiritual leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, Hazrat Amirul Momineen Khalifatul Masih V

The worldwide spiritual leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, Hazrat Amirul Momineen Khalifatul Masih V, has asked the Islamic community to move away from the mind-set of undermining the capabilities of women.

He intimated that it was important to recognise the role women played in world affairs for which reason he underscored the need for Muslims to accord other Muslim women the needed respect and dignity.

The Jalsa Salana which ended Sunday, brought together more than 35,000 delegates from over 90 countries including the Ameer and Missionary in charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Ghana, Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih.

Dignify women

Hazrat Masih V deplored the manner Muslim women were undermined and undignified adding  that it was time to move away from the status quo that placed women in second fiddle positions in society.

He stated the Holy Quran frowned on stifling the efforts of women and spoke against the manner in which the scriptures were ignored in the pursuit of ‘man-made laws’.

The spiritual leader bemoaned the segregation between men and women in other parts of the world especially usurping rights of women which he described as unacceptable.

Religious violence

Touching on religious violence, Hazrat Masih V condemned the act of creating disorder in society in the name of religion adding that “those who deprive women their rights and cause violence in the name of Islam will be punished.”

For him the rights and dignity of women in Islam were well established and the religion accorded them a special status.

Hazrat Masih V presented awards to some Ahmadi student women enrolled in tertiary institutions in the UK who excelled in various academic fields.

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  1. Gist: Address to Ladies: UK Jalsa Salana 2016
    True Rights, Elevation and Responsibilities of Women:

    Peace be on you…..Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) said that According to the teaching of Holy Quran, the purpose of making of men and women is same and it is to get nearness of Allah the Exalted. Allah the Exalted wants that believing men and women either rich or common, all should recognize their purpose of birth. He says that I have made jinn [hidden people] and human for my worship only. It includes men and women all. Those men and women who follow His commandments and teachings, He has given them glad tidings. It is clear from verses of Holy Quran that reward for men and women is same. Nowhere is said women will have one lower station or reward will be lesser. It is said men and women both will be given great reward provided they do good deeds and give priority to Allah the Exalted in each act. Then the detail of these good deeds is given too. We should search these if we seek love of Allah the Exalted, His pleasure and reward.

    Holy Quran uses the word ‘momeneen’ (believers) for men and women both when purpose is to draw attention to general responsibilities.
    But Holy Quran also mentions believing-men and believing-women separately when purpose is to especially establish the respective rights of both, to reward, to give glad tidings, to mention respective responsibilities, to mention bounties by special incitement and to high light connection with Allah the Exalted.

    Non-Muslims object against Islam about rights of women. These are weightless objection, the answers are present in Holy Quran. Before Islam, no religion mentioned all the rights and matters about women as Islam did. Holy Quran clarified that woman has same emotions and desires as man has. It say women have rights similar to those of men, over them in equity. Holy Quran has established numerous rights of women. They have equal reward of goodness, she is made heir of property, her income is her right. It is commanded to give them their right. It is prohibited to stop them from marrying to inflict loss on them. Likewise there are many such directives.
    Islamic commandments are such wise and just that there is no need to change them even in current times.

    Religion comes to lead us and to connect with our Maker, Allah the Exalted. It does not come that we please people. Allah the Exalted sends Messengers when earth is filled with corruption. In this era, He sent Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) as the corruption was spread everywhere in the world. Today the solution is same which was mentioned by Holy Quran 1400 years ago and which is explained by Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) now.

    Worldly people raise objection why men and women have seat arrangements at different places. These were the people who were depriving women of their all rights few decades ago. When women raised voice as time passed, this effort took other extreme as it was human effort. On the name of giving rights to woman her sanctity has been violated.

    The identity of womanhood rises more , and she feels more secure when she is among women and working with an organization of women, and move freely. About two years ago a British writer came to Jalsa, she remained in Ladies section for all day, and said in the eveining that firstly she felt odd but after the whole day I felt I am more free and more protected.

    So if woman is informed about her rights, no matter whether she is raised in West, she would declare Islam establishes rights of woman, and sitting separately from men does not finish her freedom.

    Women feel that they need men to get freedom. Men understood this weakness and tried to attack on her dress on the name of freedom, for their low desires. Educated wise women in West realize it that such men are doing so to quench their thrist, not for freedom of women.
    Women in West few decades ago saw a dark side based on religion, tradition and Christianity. It is not only in third world. To get freedom, each method was used….Muslims did same, they made women fully unaccounted for by putting cloak of religion on the traditions of various nations. To mention this Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) said these people consider women very cheap and base thing by oppressing her on the name of religion, and consider her as shoe of foot. In fact Islam establishes rights of woman.

    The Companions of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said that they would not speak to their wives with high voice fearing their complaint was not made to him (s.a.w.). Such was the right established by Holy Prophet (s.a.w.).

    People who came to Islam from various nations, would do excesses due to their national practices, or people would do so by thinking they were more powerful even people with good religious knowledge would do excesses. Subconciously there was thought in them that woman is inferior to man in some respect. They thought honour of man demands that distance should be kept between man and woman even if she is his wife given – woman should not given chance to speak before him – on the road, man and woman should keep distance.

    There is a narrative about Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), once he was walking to and fro on railway platform with his spouse, they were waitng for train. There were some people who accepted him, they were of bright mind, yet they were under influence of traditions. They were surprised to see that and asked him respectfully what people would say about it. He (a.s.) said that What they shall say, He was walking with his spouse!……… We Ahmadis are fortunate that Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) has explained for us the rights of men, women and everyone. Thus our ladies should come out of any inferiority complex or any other complex, if they are in. Byway of rights, rights of men and women are equal.

    Islam gives right to woman that she is master of her income. For man, there is his income. But it is said to man that it is his reposnsibilty to do expenditure of house and provide provisions for wife and children. He should not keep eye on wife’s money. The women who do not have their own income, if they want to spend for Deen or offer for sadqah / charity, they can do it privately from husband’s income. So right is given to her in these matters.

    If separation takes place between husband and wife and they have children, then both should not be given any trouble due to children since emotion of love for children are present in both. So rights of both are established. Sometimes, in case of separation, the one who keep children does not let other meet the children, it is absolutely wrong, it should be corrected.

    Deen Islam has given share to woman from inheritance of parents, husband and children.

    So each kind of rights have been established by Deen.
    Allah the Exalted has granted rights to woman by keep in view here nature. Allah the Exalted has made similar rights where there is commonality in nature of man and woman. Where woman need more protection due to her natural weakness, Deen has given her more protection. Men are made responsible for things which are their duties.
    Time will come when these progress liking people will see weaknesses in the laws made by themselves, then they will pay attention to any better solution. At that time Islam will provide the better solution. So we do not need to have any kind of inferiority complex.

    The true station for woman is to train children by staying at home. Men working outside the home get same reward as women training children at home to make them useful person for nation and country.

    Islam does not consider woman as inferior or weak. Man can not realize, tolerate the trouble and do what is born woman during child birth and latter in their upbring. Becaause of this property of her, Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) told three times to an asker that your mother is most rightful of your good conduct, at forth time he (s.a.w.) said then your father.

    Because she develops her children as the best, active and useful citizens and does good and virtous training, Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said that Paradise is under the feet of mother.
    So tell the world and put in the minds of your progeny that rights of women are protected by Isla and give her high status. If every mother train her son like this, many house related problems can be resolved. If women begin this training from home, their sons will struggle for their righs and their daughters will guard the rights given by Islam, instead of going to worldly organizations. If these matters are taught to next progeny then a beautiful society of woman rights will be developed.

    Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) further said that So today Ahmadi ladies and girls should understand its importance. I tell to men too that they should become supporters to women in this great endeavour. Today anti religious forces are taking the world away from religion on the name of human rights. It is great challenge for us. We have to bring the world closer to religion on the name of rights too. May Allah enable every woman that she fulfill her responsibility, act upon true religious teaching, make her progeny to do so too, give priority to the pleasure of Allah the Exalted so that world should see the actual face of Islamic teaching and real rights of woman. [Aameen]

    (Based on gist of address to ladies @ Jalsa Salana UK (August 13, 2016) by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah Help him with His Mighty Help), UK,,, youtube)



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