Does Vatican disapprove of Cardinal’s nod to give Buddhism ‘foremost place’ in Sri Lanka?

Source. Newindian Express:

COLOMBO: The Vatican appears to disapprove of Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith’s statement of July 25, that it is right to give to Buddhism the “foremost place” in the Sri Lankan constitution and that it is not right to declare Sri Lanka a secular state.

The Vatican Radio’s website carries a story from Colombo dated August 4, in which a group of Sri Lankan Catholics are quoted as saying that the new Sri Lankan constitution should be a secular one and that giving a special constitutional status to Buddhism is a violation of human rights.

Cardinal Ranjith ,who is Colombo’s Archbishop,  had said that the  status and respect reserved for Buddhism should remain intact in the constitution, He expressed this view while participating in a Buddhist ceremony at the Sri Sambodhi Viharaya in Colombo, Daily Mirror reported.


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