David Cameron’s potential successors push for Brexit delay

Source. Arab News

Justice minister Gove, who torpedoed fellow anti-EU campaigner Boris Johnson’s leadership hopes on Thursday, also said he would pull Britain out of the single market, end free movement of people and impose a new immigration system favoring skilled workers.
Gove’s rival and the current favorite in the race, Theresa May, had said on Thursday that Article 50 “should not be invoked before the end of the year.”
EU leaders have called for a swift divorce however, fearful of the impact of Britain’s uncertain future on economic growth and a potential domino effect in euroskeptic member states.
“The decision has been taken, it cannot be delayed and it cannot be canceled, now they have to face the consequences,” Hollande said on the sidelines of Battle of the Somme centenary ceremonies in France.
He said a speedy Brexit “would avert all the uncertainties and instability, especially in the economic and financial domains. The faster it goes, the better it will be for them.”
Highlighting the uncertainty the “Leave” vote has created for business, easyJet said it was trying to acquire a certificate to operate in a European country “to enable EasyJet to fly across Europe as we do today.


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