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Ahmedis have been fair game, for abuse, torture and even murder, for a long time in Pakistan. It is not just that the state of Pakistan has declared them non-Muslims. People of this community also continue to face institutionalised and state-level discrimination, and there is almost an incessant barrage of verbal and written hatred spewed against them by certain mainstream sections of our society. No wonder, like other minorities, many have chosen to leave the country and settle elsewhere.

As Faiz asked, is this the ‘dawn’ we set out looking for? Our elders did want a homeland for Muslims. But was it this sort of society and state that we wanted?


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  1. It is not that there would have been no issues on this path. But these might have been more amenable to better solutions given the primacy of rights. Is this path still open to us? Is this the only way we can move forward? And, given the climate in the country, can that be a path we can even try to walk on?
    When people of your stature still in proposing phase how things can move forward. It is time for action. If Abbasi and messers are banned there should be hundreds in pipe line if Qibla of country has to be corrected. Time for mere suggestions and proposals is gone. Do it if not then wait nature will play its part.

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