Peace Keepers Day: Pakistan Post


Pakistan Embassy DC, hosted a Peace Keepers Day and recognized some of its brave

leaders. (Pictures by Dr. Kashif Chaudry )P Post June 2


P Post June3

P Post June 1

PAKISTAN POST, while deeply admirable of Jibran Nasir’s stand against the Blasphemy Law of Pakistan, Pakistan Post disagrees with him that only social activities like he does is the sole answer to Pakistan’s worsening internal problem. The real answer is in the total removal of the law from Constitution or else it will be used as a garb for “safe heaven of terrorism” in Pakistan. Shias are not safe from the effects of the law either so let them not rejoice when Ahmadis are attacked and killed under this most inhuman and undemocratic law of Pakistan. We condemn attacks on Shias and other minorities in Pakistan with the same vigor from all quarters of the globe as we do for attacks and killings of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan

Jibran and Koya

Editor/Dr. H. Koya with Jibran Nasir at Mehran Restaurant, Fremont, SFO Bay Area in 2015  where he addressed a gathering on Blasphemy Law.



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