Tackling anti-Ahmadiyya bigotry isn’t a job for the MCB – they’re part of the problem

Source: Double Bind.

Back in 1974, under pressure from extremists, Pakistan’s secularist government enacted laws declaring Ahmadis non-Muslim. Islamists had long agitated against Ahmadiyya teachings, whose fundamental tenets include no violence and a clear separation of politics and religion. The theological debates around Ahmadis regarding the finality of the prophethood etc. miss the important political reasons for the victimisation of Ahmadis, whose beliefs are actually no more unusual or heterodox than those of many other Muslim sects. In fact, a quick Google search shows the diversity of Muslim sects and the endless theological wranglings among them.


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  1. Its a nice and bold effort. However readers may also ponder on following points.
    1. Founder of Ahmadiyya also claimed to be awaited Jesus Christ a prevalent belief in Christianity. Particularly Christians should note it. Additionally there is one prophecy/claim by Ahmadiyya Spiritual heads that time will come when Sun of Truth (The Ahmadiyya Perception of Islam) will rise from West. For the fulfillment of this prophecy, probably the seed has been sown by the death of Assad Shah. Post death events indicate huge coverage of Ahmadiyya beliefs in media which is now attracting the attention of Westerns to know more about this reform movement.
    2. Islam is a dynamic religion. However over period of time its teachings have been corrupted by so called Islamic Scholars. Glaring example is punishment to an apostate. Renowned and eminent Islamic Scholar Sheikh Hamza (became famous only few years back) quoted a research where He found how the Arabic word was changed and for more than hundred years the interpretation to kill the apostate was brought in as an Islamic teachings. The founder of Ahmadiyya and its successive spiritual heads from last 127 years are advocating that there is no mention of capital punishment for apostate in Quran. However since main stream does not consider Ahmadiyya as Muslim so no one paid attention to it.
    3. According to Ahmadiyya belief, its a God scheme which will be implemented in due course of time and majority of mankind will turn to Ahmadiyya interpreted Islam. So there is a point to ponder for all having interest in religion to embark upon in depth study of Ahmadiyya literature.

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