Day: May 6, 2016

Pakistani girl burned alive for helping friend elope

The men drugged her before they burned her alive. More than a dozen members of an “honor council” near the Pakistani towns of Makol and Dunga Gali, outside of Abbottabad, have been arrested for immolating a 16-year-old girl, according to a local police chief. Her supposed crime: helping a friend […]

Will Obama fail to move, again?

May 05,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – George S. Hishmeh US President Barack Obama is reportedly frustrated that the American public does not see his achievements the way he does, as he was hoping to leave a “positive legacy” after his two terms at the White House. The international public is reacting […]

‘The only way out’

May 05,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh The only way out for the troubled Arab-Spring countries is power sharing and pluralist coexistence. Is this easy to achieve? In principle, yes. Through dialogue, mutual understanding and wisdom, all issues can be resolved. If emotions, pride and selfishness stand in the […]

Gloomy presage

May 05,2016 – JORDAN TIMES EDITORIAL Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has become not only the Republican Party front-runner in the upcoming US presidential election, but virtually the Republican nominee, following after the withdrawal of his main competitor, Ted Cruz, from the presidential race after his stunning defeat in the […]