The place where you can walk through the multiverse

Source: BBC

On a Scottish hillside, a former mining site has been transformed into a landscape of the multiverse – exploring both its galaxies and mysteries about how it all began
Last summer, I saw the multiverse open up. It happened in the wilds of the Scottish Borders near Crawick, 50 miles (80km) south of Glasgow. It was June, but the multiverse was rather cold and rainy. Still, I do recommend that you go to see it for yourself. Take your boots.

1 multiverse

The Crawick (pronounced “Croyck”) Multiverse is not a rift in space-time, but a landscape sculpture by architect and designer Charles Jencks. Constructed from the debris of a former coal mine, the 22-hectare (55 acre) site is a project of baroque ambition, speaking at the same time to the mysteries of Neolithic monuments and to the current speculations of cutting-edge cosmology.

2 multiverse

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