Annual Peace Symposium in Toronto

Final FlyerandE-vite

Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association of Canada is going to hold its 1st Annual Peace Symposium on March 6, 2016 at Tahir Hall Community Center (10610 Jane St, Maple, ONL6A 3A2) in Vaughan (Greater Toronto Area).

You will meet women from various peace organizations and visit their Peace Booths.

Register Now:

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  1. Congratulations ! World needs such programs. It is also necessary for Muslims who are victim of blasphemy . Unfortunately world is witnessing the distorted Islam , the Islam which is projecting heinous face of the most beautiful religion . People who are not only killing non – Muslims but also Muslims . Destruction of many Muslim countries speak itself how far have they gone from huzoor SAW . It is also amazing that Muslim mass , Muslim intellectuals and Muslim media are directly or indirectly supporting that Islam . They are hesitating in standing up against those religious leaders who are provoking for violence . They are blaming others for blasphemy . They don’t want to analyze those factors which are creating Islamophobia and hatred against Muslims . They are not realizing that every action has a reaction . They must understand that for their peace , all those ideologies which open the door for lawlessness and voilance , must be rejected . Ahmadies face the ” fatwa e wajibul qatal ” because they don’t accept common meaning of khatumannabeen. If people like Mr. Trump say that since Muslims don’t accept Jesus as son of God , so they are wajibulqatal. How can Muslims say it unjustified when they are supporting the fatwa against ahmadies directly or indirectly . So , it is up to Muslims which way they want to go. They have two options ; ahmadiyyat or that ideology which is the cause of all miseries .

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