Ali-Akbar Velayati’s books on history of Islam and Iran published

Ali-Akbar Velayati’s books on history of Islam and Iran published
Tehran Times Culture Desk

TEHRAN – A series of books written by Ali-Akbar Velayati, a senior foreign policy advisor to the Supreme Leader, has recently been published by Tasnim News Agency Publications.

The first volume of the Encyclopedia of Culture and Civilization of Islam and Iran entitled “Historical Wisdom and Historiography” and eleven books from the series “Archaic and Contemporary History of Iran” were introduced during a ceremony held at Tehran’s Art Bureau on Monday.

Speaking at the ceremony, Velayati said, “I am not the only author of these books. A group of scholars and thinkers have helped gather this collection. I made my best efforts to work with talented scholars and produce an encyclopedia on the culture and civilization of Islam and Iran”.

“We have tried to maintain equilibrium between before and after Islam. I must admit that it was Islam that nurtured the talents. Islam is a religion that traveled to many lands but it was in Iran where it could flourish and it was because of the talents of the Iranian people,” Velayati added.

Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization (IIDO) Director Hojjatoleslam Mehdi Khamushi, also attending the ceremony, recommended producing more books on the Islamic Revolution (of Iran) and thereby increase respect for its living and active presence in the contemporary world.

The Director of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Abuzar Ebrahimi Torkaman, was also among the participants at the ceremony.

Photo: Author Ali-Akbar Velayati speaks at the unveiling ceremony of his books “Historical Wisdom and Historiography” and “Archaic and Contemporary History of Iran” in Tehran on February 15, 2016. (Mehr/Ashraf Tabatabai)


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