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His Majesty King Abdullah recently issued directives to concerned Royal Palace officials to continue implementing Royal initiatives extending help to underprivileged families, charity societies, orphanages, the elderly and people with disabilities.

These most vulnerable groups of people will benefit from the Royal directives, which aim to ease their suffering and help them meet their basic needs.

According to a Royal Court statement, 30,000 underprivileged families from across the Kingdom, to be selected after the Ministry of Social Development conducts specialised surveys, will benefit from the initiative, as will societies taking care of the elderly, the disabled and orphans, which will continue to receive financial support according to well-defined standards that ensure justice and fairness.

The Monarch also directed Royal Court officials to continue supporting 1,500 Gazan orphans, through the Gaza-based Wiam Charity Society.

The Royal gesture came in response to a report by the Jordan field hospital in the Gaza Strip, which highlighted the difficult situation of these children.

This Royal initiative goes beyond the call of duty or legal obligation. It underscores the compassion the Monarch shows the most needy among his people who have no other means to overcome their misfortune.

It coincided with the King’s marking his 54th birthday, a gesture of magnanimity and humanity the Monarch has been exhibiting through and through.

But since this Royal initiative cannot be expected to reach all deserving groups in country, other individuals and agencies might feel compelled to follow this generous Royal example.

Times are hard for many, the economy — in Jordan and globally — is slow, poverty and unemployment are widespread and, to top it all, Jordan, true to its hospitality, has opened its doors to refugees from neighbouring countries, a humane move, no doubt, but one that puts even more strain on the sparse resources of the country.

As such, assistance to the needy from any quarter is most appreciated.

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