Nothing to do with Islam


Published — Monday 1 February 2016

Beyond any shadow of doubt, Daesh and its likes have nothing to do with Islam. All the actions of these terrorist organizations are in sharp contrast with the true teachings of Islam and Sunnah. It seems that Daesh is just a puppet in the hands of some powers, who want to create unrest in the world and blame Islam for all the problems.

It is the responsibility of every Muslim to prove through their individual actions that Islam is all about peaceful coexistence. The recent attack on a mosque in Al-Ahsa is an attempt to fan sectarianism in the Kingdom. The enemies of Saudi Arabia can never succeed in their evil designs.

I urge all Saudis to stay firm against these terrorists. These terror outfits have nothing to do with Islam or Muslims. Our religion does not sanction the killing of unarmed people even during a war. These extremist organizations are following their own interpretation of Islam, which is skewed to the core and has been widely condemned and rejected by the majority of Muslims across the world. — Ursula Inam, Riyadh


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