Good Things That Happened in 2015 in Pakitan

Good Things That Happened in 2015 in Pakitan

Pakistani body builder Anwar Atif won the world famous match Arnold Classic.

Pakistani body builder Salman Ahmad won the Muscle Mania Trophy in Las Vegas in 2015.

Talha won a silver medal in commonwealth games.

Fuad Khan is a Pakistani actor who played the role of a hero in a Bollywood movie. Fuad Khan was among the Top Goodlooking Men.

Dr. Ijaz Naqvi and doctoral student Farhan Butt invented a new advance technology radar, they have US patent.

Pakistani girl Muneeba Mazar was appointed UN goodwill ambassador.

Pakistani software engineer developed an app which will provide meals to 600,000 needy people.

Maryam Adil, Pakistani girl developed a new video game which will be helpful for poor people in education.

Hina Zuberi, ran in the New York city marathon to raise $10,000 for Karachi school.

Syeda Ghulam Fatima, a Pakistani activist was given Clinton Global Award.

Islamabad was declared second most beautiful capital in a competition. Also Pakistan is second country which grants asylum to refugees.

Yunus Khan was the first cricketer who made 9000 runs in cricket.

TaeKwan do black belt Ahmad Ameen ws included the US Marshal Arts Hall of Fame in 2015.

Kalimullah is the first soccer player who signed up for a US soccer team.

Islamabad airport can handle the landing biggest aircraft “Airbus 380”.

Ameena stood first in the LLB exam in London in 2015.

Pakistani doctor Naeem Taj was included in Guiness Book of World Records,

Who took out gall bladder with 25cm incision.

Pakistan young man Shah Mir Aziz was second in NASA space design competition.

(Courtesy W.A. Abbasi, TIMES Mag Toronto, January 6, 2016)




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