Day: January 24, 2016

Jihad of the Pen

Source: Many take up the pen, but few are granted the spirit to conduct the Jihad in the most acceptable manner. Many wish to take up the pen, but their incorrect beliefs and lack of knowledge prevent them from doing so, and thus they drop back into a state […]

Budget Deficit Slips as Public Priority

Source: Pew Research Center As Obama enters his final year, mixed views of his legacy As Barack Obama begins his final year in office, the goal of reducing the budget deficit, which the public once ranked among the most pressing objectives for his administration, has continued its recent decline in […]

Enough playing games on Syria

Jan 23,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – EDITORIAL The much-anticipated peace talks on Syria will presumably be held next week in Geneva, but are now projected to be indirect negotiations between Damascus and the opposition, rather than face-to-face discussions. Much hope was pinned on these much delayed talks, but the fact […]