Are some human lives more equal than others?


“All human lives are equally important and valuable.It is not a matter of one country being under attack.”


by Atta-Ul Naseer, Imam & National President Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’ at Greece


After the horrific and brutal terrorist attacks in Paris, which resulted in 129 innocent lives being lost, I started noticing several profiles on Facebook with French flags to show unity with the people of France. It is a great tragedy that has fallen upon this nation and like everyone I could feel the pain which this nation was going through. When my friends changed their Facebook profile pictures with a tint of the French flag, I also got an invitation to do the same. Although I was shaken due to the loss of so many innocent lives and felt united with the people of France in this tragedy and I condemned this attack in every way possible but I could not accept that invitation to change my profile picture.

I remembered several similar incidents which took place in various countries of the world in 2015 alone:

The massacre of the people in the Northern villages of Nigeria by Boko Haram which resulted in more than 2000 innocent lives being lost.

The clashes in Philippines between the police and Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, Moro Islamic Liberation Front resulting in more than 50 innocent lives being lost.

The bombing in Shikarpur Pakistan which took away 60 innocent lives.

The shootings and burnings in Cameroon by Boko Haram which resulted in the loss of 91 innocent lives.

The suicide attacks in Yemen which took away 137 innocent lives.

The Garissa University attack where 147 innocent lives were lost.

The incident of the massacre of 146 innocent people by ISIS in Syria.

The massacre of 70 innocent people by Al Shabab in Somalia.

The car bombings in Iraq that resulted in more than 100 innocent lives being lost.

The suicide attack in Afghanistan that killed more than 50 innocent people.

The suicide bombings in Turkey where 102 innocent lives were lost.

The suicide bombings in Chad which resulted in the death of 38 innocent people.

The flight which was bombed in Egypt resulted in the death of 224 innocent people.

The suicide bombings in Lebanon killing 43 innocent people.

I remembered all those reported 38 countries where more than 4137 innocent lives were taken by terrorist organisations like ISIS but unfortunately I never saw such an outrage among the people of the world. There were many who condemned all those attacks but I am ashamed to say that I did not see such a reaction when those innocent lives were lost. The recent attack in Mali is another example of this sad situation.

Each and every life in this world is precious and if we are sincere in wanting this world to be united against these barbaric and horrific attacks and the terrorist organisations that are carrying out these attacks then our reaction should be the same for every single one of those lives that has been taken away by the terrorists. All human lives are equally important and valuable.It is not a matter of one country being under attack. It is the matter of the whole humanity being under attack. If we are sincere in putting an end to these attacks then our governments need to unite against those culprits who are financially supporting these terrorists by buying their oil or just by funding them. They must unite against those who are providing them weapons, vehicles and other resources which is allowing them to continue their barbarism. If today we will not unite against such people then all of us and our future generations will suffer the horrific consequences.

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  1. Two days ago in Kano,Nigeria, a Shite procession was attacked by suicide bombers suspected to have been young women. That news has not been reported on this website. Yet, it had raised questions about equality of human beings when, to the administrators, too much attention was paid to the Paris terrorism while relegating that of Nigeria to insignificance. I described the ‘interest’ as ‘holier-than-thou’. The latest silence has confirmed that.

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