Day: November 29, 2015

Sobriety can save the day

Nov 28,2015 – JORDAN TIMES – MUSA KEILANI   The shooting of a Russian warplane by Turkey galvanised public opinion attention in our region. Some financial analysts compared it to the events, 100 years ago, of the summer of 1914, when Grand Duke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in the city […]

Isis: Britain ‘helping create territory for militant group in Yemen as they take advantage of Saudi-led war’

The Independent: Any military success in Syria will unravel because of new territory Britain is helping to create for Isis who have taken advantage of the instability and wide-spread civilian destruction caused by months of a Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen,  according to senior Foreign Office lawyers and former diplomats. In […]


Newsweek: PAKISTAN’S AHMADIS FACE PERSECUTION, THREATS FROM LOCAL MOBS AND THE STATE. “Are these the people with bullets who took my papa away?” two-year-old Sabiha Ahmad asked her mother anxiously when AFP visited her family, members of Pakistan’s persecuted Ahmadi minority, who are currently living in hiding. The toddler’s family […]