Blasphemy allegations: Mob torches an Ahmadi’s factory in Jehlum

Blasphemy allegations: Mob torches factory in Jhelum

Source: Tribune Express

LAHORE: An angry mob set ablaze a factory owned by members of the Ahmadiyya community in Jhelum on Friday.According to sources, the mob attacked the factory after accusing one person who worked there of committing blasphemy. Many workers fled the factory complex, which contains a residential area, with their families, sources said. But some workers were reportedly still inside the factory when it was set on fire.

The mob, meanwhile, continued to block GT Road in protest. Police were unable to disperse the protesters despite using tear gas and Rangers had to be called in for support.

Factory on fire

The police did, however, arrest three members of the community.

Talking to The Express Tribune, a Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya spokesperson said three Ahmadis were arrested without reason. The spokesman added that he wasn’t sure as to whether those trapped inside the factory had been rescued.

Jhelum DPO Mujahid Akbar Khan was unavailable for comment despite several attempts to reach him.


2 replies

  1. I always consider it a huge joke when this website proclaims it is for universal human rights.
    Within the past week four Jews, including an 18 year old American on sabbatical in the West Bank, were killed either by stabbing or in drive by shootings.
    An 8 year old Pakistan girl was beaten up and thrown into the dungeon for days. Her offence? Using a toilet meant for muslims.
    Why have such stories not be reported here if it is true that there is an equal concern for people of all faiths and races?

  2. Khuda ka naam na lo Khuda kayleya.For God sake don’t mention the name of God while doing aggression. we had visited the Chip board factory on G.T Road many times when my late sister family was residing in one of the bungalows.So many people must have lost their livelihood ,source of income,jobs and shelter.May Allah be with those affected.affected. Aameen. This is a economical Terrorism too

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