Religion in the Public Schools Some parents in Walton County are up in a furor because their children are allegedly being forced to learn about Islam which goes against their principles. According to themedia reports, Walton county schools are teaching the middle school students the tenets of Islam and “Talk of Allah”. Parents think that teachers are trying to convert their children when they are teaching the students about the five pillars of Islam, including the Shahada (declaration of faith). As a Muslim mother I encourage my children to learn about other religions including Christianity and Judaism. Learning about other cultures and faiths can only enlighten our children. It is absurd to think that talking about the tenets of Islam will encourage the students to convert to Islam.

One of the parents also mentioned that teachers are teaching half the truth about Islam and ignoring the radical part of it. “Muslim fundamentalists”, “Extremists” “Radical Islamists”, these are just a few labels that have been falsely enforced on all Muslims. If a Muslim commits an act of terrorism, then that person is guilty of acting against his own religious teachings. Is it really fair to punish and criticize all Muslims for the acts of a single person? When a shooter is Muslim, the entire religion is guilty. Would we blame the shooter if he is an African-American or a White American?


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