Day: October 5, 2015

Who caused the refugee crisis?

Oct 05,2015 – JORDAN TIMES – CHRISTOPHER R. HILL The scenes of desperate refugees making their way through a gauntlet of impediments — including hastily unfurled barbed-wire fences, ill-tempered border guards and angry residents — have been horrific, reminiscent of Europe’s darkest decades. They are a stark reminder that Europe can never […]

Oslo: 1993-2015, RIP

Oct 05,2015 – JORDAN TIMES – James J. Zogby The Oslo Accords and the attendant peace process came into the world with a bang 22 years ago. This past week they exited with a sad whimper. Once the focus of the world’s concern, at this year’s United Nations’ General Assembly opening […]

Here’s how Syria became hell on earth

Here’s how Syria became hell on earth Business Insider Armin Rosen © Provided by Business Insider Children walk on the debris of a damaged building at al-Myassar neighborhood of Aleppo. (Thomson Reuters)In 2010, Syria was ranked 111 out of 169 countries on the Human Development Index, just behind South Africa. […]

Ben Carson slanders Islam: Here’s exactly why his claims about Muslims are dead wrong

The neurosurgeon-turned-Republican candidate is spreading absurd lies about the world’s second-largest religion QASIM RASHID (Credit: Reuters/Steve Marcus) In his recent anti-Muslim crusade, Ben Carson promoted a disturbing form of religious segregation, claiming that a Muslim should only be president if he or she “renounces the tenets of Islam.” Sadly, just as racial segregationists long […]