Day: October 16, 2015

The German Lynchmob: Islamophobe Movement Returns With a Vengeance

The German Lynchmob: Islamophobe Movement Returns With a Vengeance DPA It was nearly dormant for months, but recent weeks have seen the return of Germany’s islamophobic, anti-refugee Pegida movement. More confident and aggressive than ever, officials worry the hatred could spread to the mainstream. By SPIEGEL Staff “I’m not a Nazi,” the innkeeper says, […]

A 14th-Century Muslim Philosopher Explains Walmart’s Slide The world’s largest retailer saw its stock dive Wednesday among dire forecasts. Ibn Khaldun saw it coming.

Mike Mozart / Flickr DAVID A. GRAHAM OCT 15, 2015 Walmart had its worst day in almost 30 years on Wednesday, after the company released dire predictions for profitability. While analysts had expected modest growth of 4 percent in the coming fiscal year, the big-box retailer forecast a decrease of […]