Scholars’ conference: ‘Women scholars can issue fatwas’

Tribune: LAHORE: Participants of a Sheikhatul Hadith Conference on Sunday agreed that women scholars could issue fatwas (religious decrees) on all matters.

The conference organised by scholars from Barelvi school of thought demanded that the government make it punishable for a man to divorce his wife thrice in one go.

They said it was undesirable for a Muslim man to divorce his wife but if he decided to do so he must wait for at least a month before divorcing her another time.

They passed a resolution in this regard at the Sheikhatul Hadith Conference organised by Tanzim Ittihad-i-Ummat Conference.

Jamia Sirajia Naeemia Lahore nazima Ume Abdullah Naeemi presided over the session attended by 200 women scholars from various seminaries across Pakistan.

Dr Raghib Hussain Naeemi of the same seminary was the chief guest.

The scholars said education was necessary for women just as it was necessary for men.

They said anti-polio campaigns were not violation of Islam and killing lady health workers was a great sin.

The resolution said Islam had specified an inheritance share for women. It said those who deprived women of their inheritance committed a sin and that the government should take solid steps to ensure women were given their share in inheritance.

According to Sharia, the resolution said, a girl could not be married to the Holy Quran.

It said a woman could do a business or take up a job under special circumstances. The scholars said it was a sin to attack women with acid. Islam forbids hitting a woman in her face, they noted.


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