476. Commandment – Grieve not over them

476. Commandment – Grieve not over them

[15:89] Stretch not thy eyes towards what We have bestowed on some classes of them to enjoy for a short time, and grieve not over them; and lower thy wing of mercy for the believers.

[16:128] And endure thou with patience; and verily, thy patience is possible only with the help of Allah. And grieve not for them, nor feel distressed because of their plots.

[27:71] And grieve thou not for them, nor be thou in distress at what they plot.

[31:24] And as for him who disbelieves, let not his disbelief grieve thee. Unto Us is their return and We shall tell them what they did; surely Allah knows full well what is in the breasts.

[29:34] And when Our messengers came to Lot, he was distressed on account of them and felt powerless with regard to them. And they said, ‘Fear not, nor grieve; we will surely save thee and thy family except thy wife, who is of those who remain behind.

[36:77] So let not their speech grieve thee. Verily We know what they conceal and what they proclaim.

[11:37] And it was revealed to Noah, ‘None of thy people will believe except those who have already believed; grieve not therefore at what they have been doing.


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