We’re Muslims too, avows Ahmadiyya follower


The Ahmadiyya religious movement is not a “new religion” but is in fact Islam, insists a follower.

In a forum organised by NGO Projek Dialog, Ahmadiyya follower Salahuddin Syed Ali said this was especially true as its followers believe in the five pillars of Islam and the six articles of Islamic faith.

Despite this, followers of the movement – which was founded near the end of the 19th century by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad – have always been targets of persecution due to slander, said Salahuddin.


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  1. It seems the non-Ahmadiyya Muslims are quite confused among themselves, on the subject of the right to self identify. On the contrary the Ahmadiyya Muslims are quite crystal clear on that fundamental issue…and that is: “You are what you claim yourself to be”.

    If we go by the Pakistani Government precedent, then one day it will be okay for Iranian sunni Muslims to be officially declared non-Muslims by the iranian state. And likewise saudi Arabia may well declare the sadi shias and a non muslim entity.

    The deep truth in that most of the non-Ahmadiyya muslims have been indoctrinated to hate non-muslims. That’s why when they do not like the views a a fellow muslim, they declare that person as a non-Muslim.

    Also in Pakistan, the ex-law Minister of Punjab, reminds the viewers that it is a fact that no one muslim group beluive that the other group is “muslim”. Listen to this:(from 7.50 onwards):

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