Gambia: Supreme Islamic Council describes Ahmadiyaa sect as ”non Muslim”

Creed of Islam

Creed of Islam

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The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC) has ultimately ruled against the Ahmadiyaa, a Muslim sect operating in the country, saying it is outside the pale of Islam.

According to a statement from the council on Monday, GSIC under the leadership of Momodou Lamin Touray, strongly warned Muslims not to deal with the members of the group, saying it has a different faith, different from  the true Muslims in the world.

He noted that the sect, which has its origin from Pakistan, has been scrutinised and agreed by all pre-modern and modern Islamic scholars worldwide, including its country of origin that, Ahmadiyaa Jamm’at are not Muslims.

They believe that every Muslim is Kaafir until he becomes a Qadiyani and, who gives a non-qadiyani a wife or who married a non-Qadiyani woman is a kaafir.

They believe that it is not allowed to pray behind a non Ahmad Ahmadi, that is why they created lot of disunity in some remote villages in Gambia, the statement stated.

The Council further revealed that in 1953, the people of Pakistan demonstrated asking Zafarulah Khan – the then Minister of Foreign Affairs to…read more at

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  1. Rafiq A. Tschannen · Associate Chief Editor at MuslimTimes
    I wonder how much the members of the Supreme Council have been paid (or promised) by Saudi Arabia to make this statement. Quote: They say that there is no Qur’an except the one brought by the Promised Messiah unquote. Big joke. Please visit any Ahmadiyya Mosque and look at the Qur’ans. They are exactly the same as all Qurans in all Mosques. Therefore the lies are easily proved as lies.

    Kashif N Chaudhry · Following · Top Commenter · Cardiology Fellow at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

    I am not surprised to see Mullahs in The Gambia behave like Mullahs in Pakistan, and Mullahs of Mecca at the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Khataman Nabiyeen. They all rely on lies/propaganda and mischief.

    1) //They believe that Ghulam Ahmad is the Promised Messiah.// Of course we do. Read more on why we think so here:

    2) //They believe that Allah the Almighty does fast, pray, sleep, wake, write sign, make mistakes and have sex.// Complete nonsense. Allah is not a physical being. We believe He is the spiritual being behind the creation of the heavens and the earth. For those interested:

    3) //The Qadianis believe that prophethood was not sealed by Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him), but is continuing and God sends messengers as necessary, and that Ghulam Ahmad is the best of all the prophets.// We believe Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is Khataman Nabiyeen, the Seal of all the prophets. As such, we believe his Ummah to be the last. There can be no prophet from an old Ummah return physically to save his. We believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) is the same reformer/mahdi/messiah foretold by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The best and most exalted of all prophets is no other than Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The very meaning of “Ghulam Ahmad” is “Slave of Ahmad (Muhammad).” Read:

    4) //They say there is no Quran except the one brought by the Promised Messiah and no hadith except in the light of his teachings and no prophet except under the masterhood of Ghulam Ahmad.// It is sad to see these mischief-mongers call them Ulema of Islam. Islam does not teach lying and propaganda. There are no two Qurans. The Holy Quran we read is the same as the one revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and saved to date. It is the same as any other Quran. You can read it here:

    5) //They believe that every Muslim is Kaafir until he becomes a Qadiyani and, whoever gives a non-Qadiyani a wife or who marries a non Qadiyani woman is a kaafir.// No, we do not believe this. Anyone who claims to be Muslim is a Muslim. Feel free to show me one instance on the Ahmadiyya website where Sunnis/Shias are identified as non-Muslims, or name ONE Ahmadi of the world’s 160 million (and there are many in The Gambia) who refuses to identify Sunnis/Shias as Muslims. Quite the opposite, it is Sunni/Shias like you who consider us Kafir (proof: this very article). So if considering Kafir is a reason to outlaw someone, shall we start by outlawing you Mullahs?

    6) //They believe that it is not allowed to pray behind a non-Ahmadis (Ahmadi); that is why they created lots of disunity in some remote villages in The Gambia.// We do not pray behind any Imam who considers us Kafir and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) an imposter. When Allah sends an Imam (as we believe He did in the form of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad), his following is far more important than a worldly Imam’s.

    I do not care about the rest of the article. A bunch of Mullahs coming together and repeating the above lies to ‘outlaw’ the Ahmadi Muslims only reminds me of the conspiracies that Mullahs hatched in Mecca against our Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and that in Rome against the Prophet Jesus (as) and that in all cities that were visited by divine reformers.

    If you want to oppose Ahmadiyya Islam, oppose it intellectually, not with lies. May God give you the strength and integrity.

    Khalid Shah · Uni. Nottingham
    The ‘facts’ stated are incorrect and this piece should be removed from this website for spreading misinformation perpetrated by The Gambia Islamic Council

    Shahnaz Latif · La Salle
    The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the only Islamic organization to believe that the long-awaited messiah has come in the person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) of Qadian, India. Ahmad claimed to be the metaphorical second coming of Jesus of Nazareth and the divine guide, whose advent was foretold by the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad( peace and blessing of Allah upon him). Ahmadiyya Muslim Community believes that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) is the last Law bearing prophet of God. Holy Quran is the last revealed book by God. Gambia Islamic Council, please visit watch MTA.TV to get the true teaching of Islam.and Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

    Waqas Mahmood · Nusrat Jehan Academy
    All the allegations against jamat ahmadia are false

  2. Utter misinformation, Even I didnt know we held such beliefs lol. BS of the highest order. AllAfrica if you have any decency left, take down this bundle of misinformation from your website. Can’t you see where this bigotry has taken pakistan to?? to total implosion.

  3. These Mullas do not understand the meaning of Momin, Muslim, Kafir, Murtadd. They are ignorant. The Mullas believe that every one who has not recited the Kalimah is a Kafir. Those Mullas are the worst creatures on earth (as mentioned in a Hadith).

  4. To love God -be live like a spritually matured person no identity is essential. You extolled Pro.Mohammed next to God and made him HERO HERO HERO which blindfolded him and to the detriment of the interests of Non-Muslims such as Buddhists,Hindus sikhs etc.Now the mind which is suffering from Hero Worship of Mohammed refusess to recognise spirituality in Hazarat Gulam Ahammed.What we sow we reap. To Live a life of spirituality no identity is essential. Islam -Arabian culture- has imperialistic designs.So it denies non-Arab Leaders.

  5. All the stated allegations are wrong. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian is the same person and long awaited promised masiah about whom our Holy Prophet PBUH foretold. Kindly remove the misinterpretations about jamaat Ahmadiyya and talk on the logical ground not the false propanganda.

  6. Dear All…..if any persons believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmed and compared him with our beloved prophet SAW are non Muslim. I believe that Ghulam Ahmed may be a good person but regard him and to say as a prophet is not fair. I am not against Ahmidiyya Muslims but against a person who compare with our beloved prophet SAW.

  7. @shakeel ahmad
    No one compares Mirza Ghulam Ahmad viz a viz prophet Muhammad saw. Prophet of Islam saw himself prophesied for Imam Mahdi and according to the teachings of Muhammad saw, ahmadies have accepted this Imam Mahdi. he is subordinate prophet to Prophet of Islam Muhammad saw. Instead listening to Saudi paid Clerics read by yourself the beliefs of Ahmadiyya. All is available on

  8. We have a different Qur’an…?! How ridiculous! It’s this kind of propaganda that led me do question these people’s intentions when I visited an Ahmadiyya mosque and found the same prayers as the Sunni Muslims and of course the Qur’an the same too.

    What kind of stories are these people spreading? Our Holy Book itself promises us that Allah the Almighty Himself is going to safeguard the Holy Qur’an till the end of time, so how can we, Ahmadis, be capable of changing it and bringing in our own ‘version’?

    Utter nonsense! The height of ignorance – that’s what the so-called Muslim Ummah and it’s Ulema, have become! This is exactly what various ahadith of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), say about these ignoramuses of the latter days. They are out to mislead the masses for their own very selfish reasons and the highly ignorant public follows them without question.

    Unfortunately, while they read the Qur’an, they read it as a parrot would, without understanding a word of it and letting these awful mullahs take advantage of them.

    Educate yourselves, MUSLIMS!!!

  9. These shekes do not understand the meaning of Muslim,They are ignorant. The shekes believe that every one who has not recited la ilaha ila allahis a Kafir. Those shekes are the worst creatures on earth (as mentioned in a Hadith).
    Unfortunately,they read the Qur’an,but they read it as any other book,without understanding a word of it ,they only can lie,and amagine wrong thinges,but they knew the ahmdyyah is the righte islam , their broblems is they are couared.they need to be braived to annownese there beleave but they dont.

  10. It is a big conspiracy against a true Muslim jamaat who believes in islam of Rasool Allah SAW and the same Quraan which was revealed by Allah to SAW. The jamaat Ahmadiyya is very much involved in helping the Gambian people in education, health etc. These so called Mullahs of Gambia must have been bribed heavily by Saudi and some Pakistani mullah. I say this because the wordings used in the declaration is very pakistani in nature.
    As for jamaat Ahmadiyya is concerned, Allah is the protector of our jamaat and He will never abandon His Masih Maoud’s jamaat Insha-Allah.

  11. Ironically, while muhammadan counties are busy declaring the Ahmadis as not belonging to the muhammadan fold, the Ahmadis are flourishing in and pouring scorn on the West at the same time.
    Without the benevolence of the West, where would the Ahmadis be?

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